1. The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE is subject to all applicable national laws, regulations, policies and directives of Japan.

2. The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE will be awarded to an individual or individuals from around the world chosen based on their contribution to development of a novel healthcare solution that enables prevention or diagnosis or treatment of any disease, which is a result of an inter-disciplinary interaction among the different fields of science.

3. The prize amount will be equally divided if more than one individual/work is being considered. If a work that is being rewarded has been developed by two persons, the prize shall be awarded to them jointly. In no case may a prize amount be divided between more than two persons.

4. Work produced by a person since deceased shall not be considered for an award. If, however, a prize winner dies after the announcement but before he has received the prize, then the prize may be presented.

5. All decisions by the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee is final.

6. No prize will be awarded to any institution or organization as an entity. The prize will be awarded only to an individual or a maximum of two individuals.

7. If none of the works/individual(s) under consideration is found to be eligible for the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE of that specific year, the prize will not be awarded that year and the prize money shall be reserved until the year in which it is awarded next.

8. To be considered eligible for the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE, it is necessary to be nominated in the necessary form sent by invitation to the person competent to make such a nomination. A personal application for the Prize shall not be considered.

9. The Prize winner, if decides to decline the prize, it should be made on or before 30th August of the specific year in the manner stipulated by the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee whose information will be provided during the communication sent in regard to the announcement of the prize to them. In case of the Prize winner declining the award, the prize will not be awarded that year and the prize money shall be reserved until the year in which it is awarded next.

10. No appeals can be made against the decision of the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee with regard to the award of the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE

11. The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify, retract or discontinue, temporarily or permanently the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE due to reasons outside its control (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud). The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee's decision is final in all matters.

12. The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee, including but not limited to the Founders, Committee Members, Advisory Board Members, and Sponsors will not be responsible or liable for any tax, levies and duties applicable in any country on the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE money. It is a condition that the recipient of the Prize shall be responsible for your own tax liabilities.

13. These Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect until terminated by the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee or its authorized agencies. These Terms and Conditions will be altered/terminated by the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE committee in its sole discretion at any time for any reason, and may be done so immediately without notice.