The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Award Ceremony will take place during the NCRM NICHE event in October, every year.

In the EDOGAWA-NICHE Prize Award Ceremony, there will be a short presentation speech explaining the work of the EDOGAWA-NICHE prize Laureate(s) after which the chairman of the Jinseisha-NCRM Edogawa NICHE prize committee or his appointed representative will hand over the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Laureate, the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE consisting of a Diploma, a citation and a Cash Award.

Then, the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE laureate(s) will present his/her/their EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Lecture to an audience comprising of students, scholars and eminent researchers from all over the world participating in the NCRM NICHE event of that year. The Ceremony is followed by a banquet in honour of the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Laureate.


The Edogawa NICHE 2019 Prize Ceremony was held in the University of Toronto, Canada and Dr. Rosenberg's Award Acceptance Speech was videocasted in the
( NCRM NICHE 2019 )
held in Tokyo, Japan on the 15th of October, 2019

Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg delivering the Edogawa NICHE Prize Acceptance speech 2019

L.R Dr. Shojiro Katoh, Dr. Rosenberg (Edogawa NICHE Laureate 2019), Prof. Gary levy and Dr. Atul Humar


Since Prof. James Edgar Till was unable to travel to Japan for the Prize Ceremony, the Edogawa Niche Prize 2018 was awarded to Prof. James Edgar Till in an Award ceremony held on 20 th September 2018, in the Boardroom of the University health Network, University of Toronto, Canada with the presence of Prof. Dr. Gary A Levy (Professor of the Departments of Medicine, Immunology and Surgery at the University of Toronto, Canada) and Prof. Dr. Atul Humar (Director, University of Toronto Transplant Institute, Canada)

Prof. James E Till delivering the Edogawa NICHE Prize Acceptance speech 2018

L.R Prof Gary Levy, Prof. James E Till (Edogawa NICHE Laureate 2018), Dr. Atul Humar and Dr. Samuel JK Abraham

Prof. James Till, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, Canada who was awarded the Edogawa Niche Prize 2018 has donated his prize money to establish a travel grant that will be named as “Joyce and James Till Travel Grant”. This grant is to connect the Alumni of Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Elite with those Elites of each year during the NCRM NICHE event. The grant will cover the travel and hospitality expenses for the FCQ Elite Alumni who is being awarded the grant to attend the NCRM NICHE event in person and share his experiences with the FCQ Elite of that particular year.

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