The Edogawa Niche Prize

has been instituted jointly by

JINSEISHA - a Social welfare trust

which owns the Edogawa Group of Hospitals, Tokyo, Japan &

Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM)

An Indo-Japan JV, the founding organisation of NCRM NICHE ( www.ncrmniche.org ).
The Edogawa Niche Prize is to honour individuals who are physicians and/or scientists from around the world chosen by the Jinseisha-NCRM committee, based on their contribution to development of a novel solution that enables prevention or diagnosis or treatment of any disease, which is a result of an inter-disciplinary interaction among different fields of science.



The nominations for Edogawa NICHE prize every year could be made through the relevant links in the website.

While anyone can make a nomination, the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Elites since 2006 will have a priority channel for nomination.

As the prize is to honour a contribution through "inter-disciplinary" work, the FCQ Elites, who have walked through the portals of the Active Knowledge Gaining (AKG) event of FCQ, which has brought together an international multi-disciplinary team and have attained great heights when young, we do hope are the right referees to nominate the candidates with priority as the future is theirs.

Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Elite Nominators

The Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) (www.fujiocupquiz.org) is an Active Knowledge Gaining (AKG) International Quiz on Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine being held as part of the NCRM NICHE, an anniversary commemorative event of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM). The NCRM NICHE with the FCQ was started in 2006 and has witnessed 12 Editions till date. The FCQ is open to scholars from Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Veterinary Science, Dentistry and Medicine from all over the world. The FCQ was held in India till 2016 and the 12th Edition was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2017.

The Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) Elites consists of the crème de la crème of the scholars from Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Veterinary Science, Dentistry and Medicine from all over the world selected through a meticulous process of objective assessment through online assessments and assignments on Regenerative Medicine and its allied fields. These FCQ Elites selected during a particular year compete for the FCQ Trophy in the final event held during the NCRM NICHE in the October of that year. These FCQ Elites from 2006-2017 have later been scholars of Prestigious Institutes of the world, whose work is to significantly contribute to science in the future. Hence, we feel they should form the core of the nominators for the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE.

Non-FCQ Elites as Nominators

Non-FCQ Elite individuals can also nominate nominees for the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE using relevant channels which will be open in due course for the Edogawa Niche Prize 2019

Decision by the Jinseisha-NCRM Committee

Every year, the Jinseisha-NCRM Committee who decides the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE will select the Nominees from the applications received from the online forms for FCQ Elite and non FCQ Elite Nominators. The nominations will be accepted only from those nominators who don’t have conflicts of interests with the nominees for the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE as deemed by the Jinseisha-NCRM Committee.

Apart from such nomination requests received above two channels, the committee will also be sending out invitations to eminent scientists and clinicians.

Important Dates

28th of February Deadline to receive nomination applications from FCQ Elites and non-FCQ Elite individuals.
15th of March Invitations are sent out to the experts other than those selected from the FCQ Elite and Non FCQ Elite Category for nominations by the EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Committee.
15th of April Deadline for submission of nominations.
15th of July The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Committee submits its recommendations and holds an internal discussion
15th of August The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE is announced.
October The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Award Ceremony is held during the NCRM NICHE event of that year.

Eligibility Criteria


The EDOGAWA-NICHE PRIZE Laureate shall in principle will be an individual or in special cases may be more than one individual
There are no restrictions as to nationality, age and gender.
Self-nominations are not accepted.
Nominees must be living.
Members of the Jinseisha- NCRM Edogawa Niche Prize committee, Staff of NCRM, Edogawa Hospital or its affiliated organization as well as members of the Board of Governors cannot be nominated for the prize. Also, those who are considered to be having conflict of interests, by the Jinseisha- NCRM Edogawa Niche Prize committee, will not be considered for the Edogawa Niche Prize even if nominated.